Enclosure Etch Woes

Here’s an example of a bad reverse etch. This is a perfect example of me trying to use a paint that is too thick/super glossy on a reverse etched enclosure.

What your looking at is a enclosure I reverse etched the text on and painted with a Krylon glossy yellow. I then tried to wet sand the top to expose the raised areas, the only problem is, there is no longer any raised areas. The paint filled in/up all raised areas making it impossible for me to sand away the paint to expose the aluminum.

So how do you know what paints work well for etching?

I have come to the conclusion that flat colors work the best. I am able to do a few thin layers and then oven dry it then wet sand to expose the etch. I then shoot the enclosure with a nice clear coat and call it done.



    • cdeschenes

      I actually have that exact can and for the life of me I can not remember what pedal I used it on. I switched over to Dupli-Color for a few colors and I love their clear coat also. For all my flat colors I moved over to MTM 94 and they work great. I need to do a little write up on them at some point.

  1. Marc

    Good to know. I haven’t got around to trying the etching yet, but I was planing on doing an etch & paint for a Rat pedal. I was going to use flat black, so I guess I should be ok.

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