NPD: Ditto X4 Looper


I am not new to loopers by any means but, i never had a looper that allowed me to record/loop so much. I started with a DL4 years ago and had a blast with that but then upgraded to a Strymon Timeline. The 20 second limit was never a real problem since I alway did 4 to 8 bar loops. It wasn’t long that I really wanted to have something more, like more parts/phrases and more control. My father picked up the original Ditto when it was released and fell in love with it. He would take advantage of the full 5 minutes it would let you record and loop. I was amazed by the recording quality and how they packaged all that madness in a small package (Hammond 1590A sized).The only downside I found was having to control all these neat functions with one foot switch. I na-sayed it for some time until I saw they X4 announced. It looked like exactly what I wanted BUT.. it still had multiple controls on single footswitches. I decided that, like my Strymon Timeline, it will just take a little time and messing with to get used to it.

I love that fact that you can have 2 independent loops playing (like having 2 ditto pedals playing at the same time in sync) or I can have one loop playing at a time and go back in forth in time. Having the ability to use MIDI to sync a clock to is also exciting and I can use my Strymon pedals to set the master clock or even my Macbook with Logic. The ability to save your loops as WAVs and transfer to a PC VIA USB is amazing also. Also able to add WAV loops as a backtrack to play against.

I have a total of 1 hour play with this thing so far and I am really liking it.


  1. Dad

    Welcome to dark side… In other words, you’ll be playing with that thing long after the lights go out! Don’t forget to post your “Gems” on SoundCloud.

    • cdeschenes

      Thanks dad, Its been a little learning curve since the switches feel so much different that my Strymon Timeline ones, but its coming along just fine. Now that there is a legit manual for this thing I can start understanding the backing track and MIDI stuff a little better. You can help me with the push to get loops up on soundcloud…I’m counting on you.

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