Lectric-FX Bloodstone

I have had this PCB populated for some time and really wanted to do something special for the artwork. I came across this artwork on Google Images and fell in love with it (Looking for the name of the artist, will update when I find it). Lectric-FX did a great job with this BadStone work alike and it sounds great. Grab a PCB here.

I did a reverse etch and went with some aluminum knobs I had laying around. Instant love affair.

Gut shot.


  1. Joel

    Hello Cody, first of all, thanks for sharing your thoughts. As a newbie in diy pedals it’s a treasure chest of information!

    I know this post is a couple of months but the artists name is Sami Hynninen and the image features as artwork on the album Blood Moon Rise by Jex Thoth. Fantastic album, amazing looking pedal.


    • cdeschenes

      Thanks for that. I was trying to hunt that down. Thats the bad thing of having a folder of “Google Images” artwork to use for etching.. I don’t always remember where it originally came from.


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