Casper Electronics EchoBender

Dminner on Madbean Forums asked if I could get one of these together for him in trade for a enclosure designed by him. His enclosure look awesome and I would love to get one on my board so of course I was on board with this idea. I used effectslayouts PCB that was unverified as of now and decided to give it a go.


After looking at the layout and looking at a revised schematic that Casper Electronics posted:


There a few subtle changes.

  • C1 has been assigned a value of 47uF instead of 100uF ( Im sure this really does not matter since its just power filtering)
  • R19 has been removed. This is a 4k7 resistor off of pin 3 of the TL072
  • The 330k resistor at pin 5 of the op amp has been removed.
  • Feedback pot needs legs 2 & 3 swapped.

So far this thing sounds crazy, insane, intriguing all at once.

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