Rullywow Eaglet

This is a great work a like of the Eathquaker Devices Talon on a layout by Rullywow.  This is such a great sounding overdrive/distortion. It handles chords really well and can give you that classic psychedelic rock crunch. This will definitely get boxed up soon and placed on my board.

Big Muff – Supercollider

With so many Electro-Harmonix  Big Muff variants on the market, I am determined to try them all.. or at least try to try them all. This is one that I have yet to build and thought this would be the perfect time to verify Storyboardist’s beautiful layout. I look forward to getting this verified and boxed up.

NPD: Ditto X4 Looper


I am not new to loopers by any means but, i never had a looper that allowed me to record/loop so much. I started with a DL4 years ago and had a blast with that but then upgraded to a Strymon Timeline. The 20 second limit was never a real problem since I alway did 4 to 8 bar loops. It wasn’t long that I really wanted to have something more, like more parts/phrases and more control. My father picked up the original Ditto when it was released and fell in love with it. He would take advantage of the full 5 minutes it would let you record and loop. I was amazed by the recording quality and how they packaged all that madness in a small package (Hammond 1590A sized).The only downside I found was having to control all these neat functions with one foot switch. I na-sayed it for some time until I saw they X4 announced. It looked like exactly what I wanted BUT.. it still had multiple controls on single footswitches. I decided that, like my Strymon Timeline, it will just take a little time and messing with to get used to it.

I love that fact that you can have 2 independent loops playing (like having 2 ditto pedals playing at the same time in sync) or I can have one loop playing at a time and go back in forth in time. Having the ability to use MIDI to sync a clock to is also exciting and I can use my Strymon pedals to set the master clock or even my Macbook with Logic. The ability to save your loops as WAVs and transfer to a PC VIA USB is amazing also. Also able to add WAV loops as a backtrack to play against.

I have a total of 1 hour play with this thing so far and I am really liking it.

Gravity Wave

This is a PCB from the Madbean’s Etchers Paradise. Its a Earthquaker Sea Machine work a like. This thing can go from subtle to wacky chorus in a quarter of a turn. I played with it for about an hour and found all kinds of great sounds from this thing. I will definetly box this up at some point.


Here are my voltages:

Powersource: 9.1v


  1. 4.3v
  2. 4.3v
  3. 3.9v
  4. 0
  5. 4.3v
  6. 4.3v
  7. 4.3v
  8. 8.7v


  1. 4.9v
  2. 2.4v
  3. 0
  4. 0
  5. 2.7v
  6. 2.4v
  7. 0.8v
  8. 0.8v
  9. 2.4v
  10. 2.4v
  11. 2.4v
  12. 2.4v
  13. 2.4v
  14. 2.4v
  15. 2.4v
  16. 2.4v


  1. Varied
  2. 4.2v
  3. Varied
  4. 8.7v
  5. Varied
  6. Varied
  7. Varied
  8. Varied
  9. 4.3v
  10. 4.3v
  11. 0
  12. 4.3v
  13. 4.3v
  14. Varied


  1. 4.3v
  2. 4.3v
  3. 4.3v
  4. 0
  5. 4.3v
  6. 4.3v
  7. 4.3v
  8. 8.7


Switch Monkey

I built this for my father as he wanted something to control his Digitech Trio with. You are able to use a Digitech FS3X with it so I decided to make one for him. Nothing crazy in this build, just 2 diodes and a few switches. It fit the bill and worked perfectly. I am really happy how this etch came out and I think he liked it also.

Gut shot:

Straight on shot:

Enclosure Etch Woes

Here’s an example of a bad reverse etch. This is a perfect example of me trying to use a paint that is too thick/super glossy on a reverse etched enclosure.

What your looking at is a enclosure I reverse etched the text on and painted with a Krylon glossy yellow. I then tried to wet sand the top to expose the raised areas, the only problem is, there is no longer any raised areas. The paint filled in/up all raised areas making it impossible for me to sand away the paint to expose the aluminum.

So how do you know what paints work well for etching?

I have come to the conclusion that flat colors work the best. I am able to do a few thin layers and then oven dry it then wet sand to expose the etch. I then shoot the enclosure with a nice clear coat and call it done.


Lectric-FX Bloodstone

I have had this PCB populated for some time and really wanted to do something special for the artwork. I came across this artwork on Google Images and fell in love with it (Looking for the name of the artist, will update when I find it). Lectric-FX did a great job with this BadStone work alike and it sounds great. Grab a PCB here.

I did a reverse etch and went with some aluminum knobs I had laying around. Instant love affair.

Gut shot.

Headless Centaur

This is the Sunking Classic layout Madbean (Brian) did for etch only. I left off the diode switch and just used some D9E diodes I had. This is a great sounding Klone and is board worthy. This might kick my kingslayer off my board.

I did a reverse etch of some art I found online of a headless centaur and thought it was perfect for this project.

Gut shot

Casper Electronics EchoBender

Dminner on Madbean Forums asked if I could get one of these together for him in trade for a enclosure designed by him. His enclosure look awesome and I would love to get one on my board so of course I was on board with this idea. I used effectslayouts PCB that was unverified as of now and decided to give it a go.


After looking at the layout and looking at a revised schematic that Casper Electronics posted:


There a few subtle changes.

  • C1 has been assigned a value of 47uF instead of 100uF ( Im sure this really does not matter since its just power filtering)
  • R19 has been removed. This is a 4k7 resistor off of pin 3 of the TL072
  • The 330k resistor at pin 5 of the op amp has been removed.
  • Feedback pot needs legs 2 & 3 swapped.

So far this thing sounds crazy, insane, intriguing all at once.