Swamp Nuts

This is a D*A*M Ezekiel work-a-like built on a Tinnitus Behemoth Jr. PCB. I built for my uncle as he wanted some dirt for his bass and I thought this would fit the bill.


Image-2 (2)

Image-1 (2)

Deep Blue Delay

This is another layout by David over at effectslayouts of the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay work-a-like. This is one of my favorite “simple” delays out there. Its got 2 basic controls and a mix knob. This circuit does a great job working with the PT2399 delay IC and keeps the noise down to a minimum. I built this for a multi build I am making and really happy with how it came out.

Rat Proto Build

This is a proto from David over at effectslayouts blog. I was needing a Rat for a multi build I am working on and it was perfect timing for him to ask me to build it. Whats cool about this Rat layout is that it supports 4 different Rats (Rat, Rat2, Turbo Rat & You Dirty Rat). I went with the classic original Rat for this build.

Here is 2 of the Rats etched and ready to go.

I could not decide on what clipping I wanted to use so I went with all of them. I used a mini 2p4t switch and just used one half of it for the clipping selector. This switches between pairs of 1N914, 1N4148, 3mm Red LEDs & 1N34a in a symmetrical configuration.

I went with a LM308AM IC in a cool metal can… why? cause I had them on hand.  In this picture you can see the little copper halo I made for the clipping switch. It looks like a mess but it works great. I still need to trim the legs on the IC before it’s mounted in an enclosure.

Switchcraft Panel Mount Drill Hole

I always seem to forget this.. time to note it so I can find it easily when I forget again.

Switchcraft Panel Mount holes are 7/8″ round.

Now that I wrote it down I should always remember… right?

Katzenkonig work alike verified

Tonight I was able to verify this Catalinbread Katzenkonig work alike layout by Stroyboardist.

Howard from Catalinbread said this on Madbean Forums about the transistors:

they’re not 2222s… I’m using something in the 300-400 range though.

So for something in the 300-400 Hfe range I went with 2N3904’s that were matched around 380 Hfe for all 4 transistors.

This thing sounds great. Time to get it boxed up.

Boost Tiger

I needed a little boost and decided to try out Stroyboardist’s Boost Tiger work alike. This may end up in a 1599A if my template doesn’t cause me to get violent. 


1970 RAH Deluxe

Tonight I finished up a build that has been been floating around on my bench for months. I had a RAH clone I built last year. I really loved the 3 band EQ and it has a very natural sounding tube breakup sound. I really just wanted a little more umph for it, something to make it breakup more and become more of a medium gain OD. I built a Rullywow Serpent Boost (Naga Viper work alike) to get a nice dirty boost before the RAH and the RAH Deluxe was born. This thing really came alive with the boot in front of it.

I did a reverse etch of some artwork I mashed together of the Zeppelin and the Royal Albert Hall.


Gut shot: Not so clean but I had to do some ninja work to get the top mounted jacks in there. Works for me.


GCFX Lunen order is here

I got my Grind Customs FX Lumen boards today. My DPDT switch order from BLMS will be here tomorrow. Time to get some more pedals boxed up and mounted to my board. Really looking forward to trying these out and moving most of my pedals to an optical switching scheme.

8 knob madness

This is a Aion Flare which is a modded Fuzz Factory. This pedal is one of the most loved/hated fuzz pedals from great smooth sounding fuzz to very velcro/gated sounding fuzz to straight up broken/non-working fuzz. I don’t know why I even bothered to label the knobs since they really don’t matter a whole lot. Its more of a “tweak and play” kind of fuzz. I usually find settings I like while knob twiddling and then take a picture with my phone to remind me of the settings.

I used a couple AC 128 transistors in this build but I am still swapping around until I find the best ones.

I did a reverse etch, which is hard to capture on camera but I think it turned out great.

IMG_0205Gut shot

IMG_0206If you want to pick up one of these PCBs head over to Aion Electronics.



Madbean Pork Barrel

Just finished up a awesome Boss CE-2 work-a-like from Brian over at Madbean Pedals. This is a very lush sounding chorus pedal. I decided to go with the MN3007 BBD and it sounds great.

I did a reverse etch with some artwork I found I Google Images and edited it a bit to fit the pedal.

IMG_0203Here is a gut shot


If you want to pick up one of these PCBs head over to Madbean Pedals.