Devi Ever Shoegazer modded


I finally found a nice PCB for the Shoegazer. I did not want 2 individual PCBs in the enclosure and I am still learning Eagle PCB and don’t want this to be my first failure.

I built this with the chaos mod that just tears the Soda Meiser a new hole of destruction. Its more of a noise maker but useable.

There is also a “Noise” mode for the Soda Meiser but I am unable to find any demos of it and not sure I want to try it out on this build. I’ll keep it in mind this week before I box this thing up.

Layout & PCB Info


  1. Neil

    I’ve been looking for a PCB layout for this pedal forever. The prices for the pedal out here (Japan) are insane and I’m kind of loathe to do the floating vero thing. Soooooo… I’d love you forever if you could post the layout or send me a copy. Just on the off-chance, anyway.


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