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RSE-201 Service Done

I spent some time this weekend doing a service check on my much loved Roland RE-201. Here are some of the things I did to it during the process.

  • Removed any dirt/dust from inside: I used a small shop vacuum to remove dust from inside the enclosure. It was actually very clean inside.
  • Cleaned all pots, switches and jacks: I used DetoxIT Fader F5 for all the pots and switches and used some 1000 grit sand paper on all the jack contacts.
  • Replace burned out VU lamp: This is pretty common over the years and is really easy to do. I had a green lamp that I soldered in and its good as new.
  • Restore/Clean rubber roller: I used CaiKleen RBR Liquid to clean and restore the rubber pinch roller. Mine seems to be in good shape. No need to replace it at this point.
  • Reverb tank: I cleaned and tested the RCA jacks on the reverb tank to make sure they had good continuity and were grounded properly.
  • Demagnetized heads: I got to use my trusty Nakamichi DM-10 tape head demagnetizer. Always fun to use such an outdated piece of technology in this day and age.
  • New tape: Topped off the servicing with a brand new 1/4″ tape loop I got from Analogman a few years back.

Whats left to do?
I would love to replace all the felt on the tape guides. I will order the felt and work on that in a few weeks.


RSE-201 Service

RSE-201 Service Pots

RSE-201 LampRSE-201 Lamp done



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