Vintage Pedal: EHX Small Stone v3



This is another freebie I got from a friend since It was having problems.  After further inspection I found the power was grounding out on the enclosure. I asked if he wanted it back since I fixed it and he said he bought the nano version and was happy with it.

This is the 3rd version of the Small Stone pedal by Electro-Harmonix and can be identified by the lack of LED as opposed to the 4th version which has the LED. The 3rd version has 2 LM13600AN and one LM324N ICs and is considered by many to be the stronger and more balanced sounding phaser of all the other versions.

EDIT: All the above would be true but my unit looks to be the a 3rd version enclosure with 2nd version guts. Mine has the 4 EH1048 OTAs chips like the 2nd version. I will need to do some more research and see if this is from the factory like this or was a rehouse/repair. I would not be surprised if this came from EHX like this since they are so inconsistent with the builds.





  1. Rockitdog


    Did you ever find out about the V3 with the V2 guts? Ive got one exactly the same and was wondering what was up with the V3 case and the 4 OTA’s?? Also the circuit board doesnt look like a V2 either. V2 has “rounded” traces and this one has “straight”

    Any ideas?

    • cdeschenes

      I have found it to be a lost cause trying to figure out what EHX did with stuff like this. It was not uncommon for them to use older boxes with new PCBs and viseversa since it depended on how much stock they had of each part. I mainly wanted to document what I had on hand by EHX and see how much they very from each version. I will have to revisit this later. Sorry I don’t have any new info.

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