Whats on my workbench?

I have been asked by a few what things I have at my workbench and I decided to make a page that will be a list of tools and “what nots” that reside on or around my workbench. Most of the stuff I have is used with every project one way or another. There are necessities and also some “nice to have” tools that I have collected over time. I made the mistake when I got started by spending 80% of my start-up money on parts and 20% on tools. If I were to do it all over I would have flipped that percentage. This does not mean that you need to buy all Swiss made hand tools or a $500 soldering station. If you want to get top of the line tools don’t let me stop you, I just found that Harbor Freight $3.99 flush cutters will not hold up as well as a $13.00 Xcelite pair. I am now replacing half of my hand tools with a little better built ones since in a year’s time I have dulled or broke my others.

Take a look at the page here or click on Workbench from the menu at the top of the page.


  1. marcus

    Just found this blog, looks sharp.

    I was just wondering about the drill. Do you use that mini-drill press for both PCB drilling and enclosure drilling? Everything I read tells me I need at least 20,000rpm to drill PCBs with those Tungsten Carbide bits, how’s the 3000 or so RPM working out? If i can just get one drilling setup I’d be much happier.

    I hand drill everything I do currently and it’s fine and getting good results, it’s just everything takes so much longer!

    • cdeschenes

      When drilling PCBs you are only drilling through the laminate and it takes no force at all to drill through. I never heard of any kind of RPM requirements but the standard drill press works fine with the carbide bits from my experience. If you find any information saying other wise please share. I am interested in their reasons why. thanks

  2. Marcus

    It’s something to do with the bits dulling quicker and it’s a lot easier for them to break at lower speeds. To be honest I don’t know how much of it is actually marketing, seems to me the wobble/play of the drill would be more important in it not breaking. Anyway, you’ve suppressed that hype. I’ll probably just got a normal drill press!

    Thanks, have fun organising all those new resistors, haha.

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